Adam Blumberg

Christine is always looking for ways to help not only her clients, but all of her contacts. She is the first call I would make and the first meeting I would set in any business venture.

Valerie Delafosse

Having been a client of Christine at my current firm and serving with her on the Board of Directors of Women’s Energy Network (WEN), I can attest that Christine displays the same level of enthusiasm and dedication in her commitment to give back to the community as she does to serving her clients. As WEN’s Director of Community Initiatives, I asked Christine to speak at the inaugural event at each of WEN’s university chapters launched in 2013 at University of Houston, Rice University and University of St. Thomas. She graciously agreed. Christine is the perfect inaugural speaker. She is able to connect with the students by sharing her own life experiences, and her positive outlook clearly resonates. The students were fortunate to receive the caliber of skills offered by Christine so early in their career. I have no doubt that Christine’s presentation will directly and positively impact the growth of the WEN student chapter at each of the universities. Her professionalism, energetic personality and passion for what she shares shines through.

Trey Williams

Christine worked with our law firm re business development and marketing for our firm and for our lawyers individually. Her presentations were creative, practical, and most helpful in focusing our attorneys on how to create a strategic plan, how to implement it and how to evaluate and update it over time.

Todd Krohn

Connected is an understatement. Christine is of the highest professional standards and represents the All Pro best a Director of Business Development could bring to the table. A true asset to both sides and makes her clients realize their potential.

Tim Brady

Christine is not only high energy, she is extremely effective at what she does. She recently presented a session on Pipeline Development & Networking to my entire staff of Risk Consultants. She got a standing ovation with everyone walking away with new ideas for them to implement. Thanks again, Christine! You are a very talented young lady!

Sheri Sullivan

Christine took an extended contract with Intercomp Global Services to help us develop our North American Business for Multi-national companies interested in a Global Payroll Solution. She is a respected sales and marketing professional who has a steller reputation and an extensive network. She is a proven performer and has a track record or helping companies, including Intercomp Global Services, acheive their business development, sales and marketing goals. She is a highly energetic and ethical professional. It has been a pleasure to work with Christine and I am looking forward to a long relationship

Sandy Huang

Christine was referred to me in Jan 2012 by Robin Stanaland to help me with my business’s development strategy. I am glad I have the privilege to work with such a knowledgeable, talented and energetic leader. Christine has a strong passion for helping businesses achieve their potential and has been instrumental in helping SunNet’s continued growth.

Robert Conklin

Christine’s tireless efforts as founder and President of the NBDA has been invaluable to me and my firm. Christine is bright, energetic, and generous to her friends and business associates.

Rick Van Pelt

When we engaged Christine Spray to provide leadership and strategic expertise to support the development of our Strategic Plan, we had very high expectations. She has exceeded every one of her commitments and has made a significant impact to our strategic plan, business results and company culture. The revenue and profitably of our core business units are at record levels and our 5-year business plan is in full swing. We have been able to partner with Christine and her extensive business network to develop an external ‘Advisory Board’ to discuss and debate the next level of our Business Plan. The results of these sessions have been instrumental in gaining insight and understanding from a group of diverse business women and men. Christine works 1-on-1 with our ‘Highest Potential’ employees to create Individual Development Plans that provides keen insight into opportunities and motivation to optimize their performance. If you are a business leader that has a desire and passion to increase revenue, optimize Operating Margin and enhance your employee’s experience, then I recommend you call Christine Spray today!

Rebecca Davis

If you just read through Christine’s recommendations, you will see how accomplished and well-respected she is. I completely echo those sentiments. Christine is smart, energetic, experienced, a wealth of information and most of all a giver first. She operates from a place of generosity first that puts other people’s success as a top priority. Her messages are clear, actionable, and honest. As someone who was coached by her in several settings and having heard her speak to a group, I can recommend without a bit of reservation!