Happy Holidays


Happy Holidays – Celebrate YOU this season!

‘Tis the season for joy and celebration with loved ones. And ‘tis the season for hustle and bustle, planning and travel, stress and exhaustion!

It can be easy to get overwhelmed. These short reminders can help keep the season bright:

  • Love thyself. Self-care helps you be your best, for yourself and for others.
  • Be present. Stop planning and worrying to create space to savor the moment.
  • Consume in moderation. Practice a healthy relationship with food and drink.
  • Joy and sadness can co-exist as you remember missing loved ones.
  • Gentle, deep breaths ease stress, even if only for a moment.

2018 has been another year full of blessings, a journey of both ups and downs. Yet it is the journey which is the real blessing. However and whenever I encounter you on this journey, I am joyful because of it. You make a positive difference in my life. Thank you.

Wishing you every blessing now and in the new year to come,



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