Wesley Middleton

We brought Christine in to develop and foster a marketing and business development culture in our practice. Not only has she taken our group to a new level, she has truly changed the lives of many of our people and has become one of my most trusted advisors, mentor and friend. The processes, training, coaching and mentoring that she provides is invaluable. You will not meet a more sincere, caring and effective leader than Christine Spray. She is the absolute best at effecting change, building HR and recruiting strategies and developing effective marketing and BD plans and processes.

Valerie Gibbs

Bank of Texas engaged Christine Spray on several training assignments and we could not be more pleased with the results. Each and every officer who participated in the training sessions gained valuable insight and new skills to employ. In addition, all participants were impressed with Christine’s professionalism, organization and enthusiasm. Christine Spray exceeded our every expectation.

Travis Van Horn

Christine is one of the most energetic and compassionate people that I have ever met. She takes those traits and channels them into her work teaching/instructing individuals and groups how to “work a room” and build a more effective pipeline. I would highly recommend Christine for any work involving sales training and contact management/networking skills.

Michael Hick

A total professional and a delight to work with; a consummate well-connected businesswoman who knows everyone worth knowing, that’s Christine Spray. It is such a joy to work with someone who is devoted to customer attention and client prospect connection, she totally understands the concept of ‘pay-forward.’ She is one of the best professionals I have dealt with over five decades in international business.

Mary Thomas

In addition to being easy to speak with, Christine is highly effective and excels at motivating people to focus on their goal. Christine really listens to people and helps guide them to activities that will help them grow their business or network. She is very generous with her time and with her extensive network. If she does not know something she will get you to the person who does. She is genuinely focused on helping people achieve their goals and it truly does come through in everything she undertakes.

Jill Vaughan

Christine has been an excellent partner to work with because she brings a fresh and exciting approach to business development efforts. She has incredible knowledge of what works today in regards to building a referral network and provides valuable experience in this arena.

Jeffrey Riley

Christine spoke at our joint luncheon for members of NAIFA and the Society of Financial Service Professionals. Her topic was focused on Generation Gaps in the workplace. She shared with us her experience working with heads of business and the insight gained on how those from different generations think and interact. This is especially important to understand today as technology is changing how we work and the effect on company cultures. If your company or group has multiple generations (Baby Boomers, Generation X, Generation Y) working together, you would benefit from Christine’s insights.

Eric Standlee

Christine exudes professionalism and keeps her word. She makes solid referrals for those she has met and knows solidly. Her referrals have gotten us in the door for some major deals. Her integrity is famous and everyone knows that if you have the right introduction in Houston, Christine’s your woman.

Emily Rhodes

Christine Spray was an excellent speaker at our most recent Whitley Penn ENGAGE meeting. Her business development techniques and tips were easy to understand and implement. I received such great feedback from our group. She understands the business development challenges many people face and is able to provide them with solid, fresh ideas. I highly recommend Christine.

Elsa Jackson

We enjoyed working with Christine this past year. She provided several business development workshops for our firm that were extremely valuable. We also invited Christine to be a guest speaker at one of our Heath Care events. Our clients found her presentation to be very informative and valuable. I would highly recommend Christine. Her professional style, deep knowledge for business development and high energy makes her a dynamic speaker.