Christine is by far, one of the best, most astute business development and marketing professionals I have had the pleasure of working with. Christine’s vast network is a testament to her thoughtful and considerate approach, resourcefulness and limitless patience. Christine brings extensive experience in developing business development, marketing and human resource strategies. Christine’s business savvy combined with her ability to perceive and understand issues and needs results in remarkable outcomes felt at all levels of an organization. She is informative and progressive and does it all in a friendly style and exciting way. Equipped with a plethora of training capabilities, Christine can help an organization in multiple areas whether it be creating and closing leads, conflict resolution or effective networking best practices. Christine’s ability to interact and connect is unmatched and her energetic personality and vibrant attitude make her a real team player. Not only will you find a real asset in Christine, but you will also find a friend. The opportunity to work with Christine is something I wish for you all.